Thursday, October 28, 2010


Welcome to my new blog!
I am really excited about this blog.
I have never been one to make my own detergent, or my food from scratch, and never thought I would be, but weird things happen sometimes. lol
I have just recently started learning how to cook.
I was never taught how, and it has been hard for me.
I have been married almost 14 years, and am just now starting to figure it out.
I am on a mission to not only learn how to cook, but how to be organized, and how to save money, and all of that good stuff.
I am sure that a lot of things I write here will be humorous, as I really don't know what I am doing in all of this yet, but I am learning, and I know I will get there.
I hope you will join me in this process.
So, sit back and have a few laughs with me as I venture to be a true homesteader.

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  1. Better late than never I always say. When someone asks me about my mother teaching me how to cook....I tell them she did but everything was cooked on high and all meals include meat, potatoes, vegi, and bread. Nothing more, nothing less. Then along came my wonderful husband who's mom is a "great" cook. It was Dave who actually taught me HOW to cook. He use to sit on a stool next to the stove as his mom cooked everyday. I learned to go beyond the staples of what I grew up with. Good luck and God's Blessings be with hyou on this great new adventure. With God..all things are possible.