Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Moved

OK, I know I just started this blog, but I have decided to move it over to HomesteadBlogger.

You can find me at  It's All About the Home

I would love it if you would follow me there.

I know it is a trouble, but I am not going to post here anymore.

Thank you guys so much. you are great.

I love ya!!!

See you over at HomesteadBlogger!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Food Processors


You don't have to have a food processor, but they sure do make short work of all the prep that you have to do. 
I have only had this, mmm, not even 2 weeks yet, but, I am loving it.
(I have this one, but not the Classic Red shown, I have the Gloss Cinnamon)

I have shredded up block cheese, which is cheaper and does not have a wax coating like pre-shredded cheeses does, sliced mushrooms, processed onions and celery so fine that my husband doesn't notice them in his food, (he is fine with this by the way, as long as he can't "crunch" them), made bread crumbs, sliced tomatoes, and sliced apples for an apple crisp. 

It makes everything uniform and is so fast. 

Although I haven't done it yet, you can make pie crusts and dough in this too!

This particular model came with, a 12 cup bowl, a 10 cup bowl, a 4 cup mini bowl with a mini blade, 2 slicing discs, one shredding disc, a dough blade, an egg whip, and a citrus press. 

As you know, I have just recently started cooking, but when my husband noticed that I was actually committed to doing this, he has bought me a few quality items to help me out. 

All I am really wanting now is a good dutch oven and a bigger mixer. 

I have found a dutch oven at Sam's for $39.99, which is a fabulous deal for a cast iron one. 

If any of you have the Classic Kitchenaid mixer,(the smallest one) and really cook a lot, you will know why I am needing the bigger one.

I was so surprised at how inadequate it really is for quantity cooking. 

I didn't use it a lot before, so I never noticed, but as I tried making breads and heavy doughs in it, I started to see a problem. 

It won't even incorporate chocolate chips into a heavy dough well. 

Forget trying to mash more than 4 or 5 potatoes at a time, or make multiple loaves of bread. 

I am not downing it, because it is a perfect machine for the smaller jobs. 

It has worked perfectly for me for making cake or pancake batter, things like that, but I found out real fast that if you want to really cook, you need the bigger one. 

Then I just the other day came across an article in Cooks Illustrated, my favorite cooking magazine, that said the the mixer I have rated poorly and is not recommended. 

The reasoning behind it was the same problems I had.

So, if you are in the market for a mixer, I would highly suggest going ahead and getting the bigger one. 

It will save you from having to buy two mixers. 

(Unless you want to buy mine! HA)

I have a lot to learn and don't like having to purchase tings twice, but to do what I am trying to do, I need the bigger one. 
I am going to sell mine to help pay for the new one. 

It is a $240 mixer, but I probably won't be able to get more than $100 for it, I am guessing. 

I think my sister is going to buy it, as she wants a mixer but does not cook a lot and it would work perfectly for her as it did me.

So, that is my next purchase, and I am keeping my eye out, as I never pay retail! lol

Right now QVC has the Profession 600 6 Qt. one for $387, which is the cheapest I have found. 
I am waiting for it to go on another sale, or at least free shipping. 

I am hoping closer to Christmas it will be an even better deal. 

Let me know if you find this any cheaper!

I actually buy a lot from HSN or QVC, as they usually have the best prices around, unless Sam's has the same item. 

Sam's carries a lot of Wolfgang Puck items, and they are usually cheaper there than on TV, but other than that, I have not really found any better deals. 

If you have any places that you buy cheaper from, please let me know. 

Ok, anyhow, I am loving my food processor, and it really aids you in doing all those professional looking dishes, and really cuts down on the prep time. 

If I sound like an advertisement for the any of these products or places, I am not, I just love them, and want to share. 

I will let you know if I am reviewing something or getting anything from a company. 

I just love these new "toys" that I have gotten!!!
What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

Fresh from the Freezer Cooking Class - FREE!

Use Your Freezer to Save $$

I just found out about this free freezer cooking class and thought I would pass it along.

her name is Shelly, and she has been teaching cooking online for 4 years, and was going to charge $42 for this class, but decided to give it away as a freebie!

How nice!

All you have to do is sign up here.

Now, I have never taken any of her classes, but I was sent this info from Malia Russel over at Homemaking 911, and I love her, so I am sure it will be good! lol

I will definitely be taking this class.

Let me know if you are too!

Oh, and the first handful of lessons are already up, so you can get started right away!